The Path

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Project: immersive reactive installation at KIOSK Art Gallery, Ghent, Belgium
Technology: projections, interactive systems

The concept of my work is based on the relationship between Taoist philosophy and Nature. New forms of technology are chosen to sensitize people about the importance of the essential role of Nature in our existence.

According to Taoist philosophy, the wisdom of mankind is the ability to comprehend and respect Nature’s processes and rhythms. Nowadays Nature, man’s habitat, is neglected and sacrificed for industrialization. People are involved in the hectic rhythms of society, they plan the future without worrying about the consequences of the present.

The installation is structured in four stages (Urban Environment, Nature, Self Discovery, Self Balance), which symbolize the Taoist path to inner balance. It aims to find the right combination of different technological tools, in order to generate the right synaesthetic experience.