Project: interactive showroom
Technology: interactive installation
Client: IRIS
Agency: studio Giuseppe La Spada
Experiential design: YiNong Dong and Mattia Trabucchi
Sound design: Mattia Trabucchi

Watch the video on Vimeo

Graniti Fiandre is an Italian company focused on production of ecological ceramics. The interactive showroom is inspired by the environmental characteristics of its products.
The installation invites people to a reflective journey by experiencing an immersive path structured in two stages: the first represents the polluted environment characterised by chaotic urban-inspired landscapes, smoke emissions and industrial noise; the second space is focused on Nature where a spatialized sound system has been integrated to emphasise the immersive effect. A big tree-shaped structure is installed in the middle of the room. Visitors can interact with it, affecting the surrounding environment and activating different brand contents.