Kazakhstan Tourism Board Event

Project: Kazakhstan Tourism Board Event
Technology: projection, interactive system, haptic VR
Client: SuccessK
Agency: UNIT9

Kazakhstan wanted to tout its history, its offerings today and its eye toward the future to a crowd of exclusive visitors, including Kazakh and Russian presidents, ministers, local tourist investors.

At a large-scale event, we created three bespoke installations: Portal to the Future, The Interactive Timeline and a VR Flying Simulator.

The Portal including four-minute projections across three walls, showing off the landscape of four unique locations: Aktau, Bovoroe, Charyn and Turkistan, showing future infrastructure plan for each of the locations.

The Interactive Timeline took shape as a table where people could navigate across 30+ different destinations, exploring the related information and imagery that made them unique.

The VR flying simulator used Oculus Rift and a real-time motion-based simulator to make users feel like they were flying over Kazakh mountains. The same experience was replicated on a VR reception bar by using Oculus GO.

We shot all the footage and built all three experiences in less than six weeks. But the end results were nothing short of extraordinary, and the audience reactions made it all worthwhile