Popeyes Sauce Printer


Project: global web campaign
Technology: 3d printing, Arduino / Raspberry Pi, Unity
Agency: UNIT9
Client: Popeyes/GSD&M

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To recreate famous works of art with a Popeyes-flavoured difference, UNIT9 designed and built the world’s first Popeyes Sauce Printer. Working with GSD&M Austin, the team designed, built and tested the machine in just two weeks. And to demonstrate the printer’s saucey skills, we created a Sauce Art Gallery. Full of masterpieces.

UNIT9 built the Popeyes Sauce Printer by hacking a CNC machine. We first rigged the machine with a syringe, and then powered it with software to convert images into line data. The printer then could read the data and dispense the sauce it into an evenly, motion-controlled design.

Users could choose a piece of artwork from a gallery in a tablet app, and then send it to the Popeyes Sauce Printer to produce their own canvas print. Besides creating art masterpieces, we built the machine to print basic text. And even created our own typeface to be used throughout the campaign.