With All Your Senses

Project: multi-sensory interactive installation at Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Milan
Technology: interactive installation
Client: Ca’ del Bosco
Agency: studio giuseppelaspada
Experiential design and production: YiNong Dong

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To celebrate Ca’ del Bosco’s new “Vintage Collection” a multi-sensory interactive installation has been created inspired by the representative characteristics of the wine.

The three areas of the installation are designed to experience each aspect of the wine through a specific sensorial exploration. The installation has a bespoke set design made by local material from the vinery.

Dosage Zero:
sound from the fermentation was recorded by a hydrophone and transformed in spatialized symphonies. Visitors can experience different soundscapes based on their position in the space.
when visitors touch the soil they can generate beautiful visuals. The interactivity is measured through a circuit which detects people’s conductivity.
based on visitors’ movements, a reactive systems emits a bespoke fragrances elaborated by the enologist.