Amazon Echo Escape Room

Project: Amazon Event Installation
Technology: interactive experience
Client: Amazon
Agency: UNIT9

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The Amazon Echo experience is the world’s first voice-activated escape room. Teams navigated through a series of five rooms, solving intricate puzzles along the way. They had to conquer a laser maze without tripping up and put mind over matter in an interrogation room. But each team had one very superior advantage: Alexa was a member of the team.

The world we created was a perfect blend of physical challenges, technology, and of course, artificial intelligence, essentially gamifying the smart home and exposing the wide range of Alexa’s abilities to the difficult-to-reach influential geek audience.

The activation was the top attraction for four days at New York Comic Con, where thousands of attendees teaming up with Alexa to solve the most puzzling obstacles. It culminated with a live interactive Twitch broadcast featuring three top personalities from the world of eSports: CaptainSparklez, Swiftor, and OMGitsfirefoxx.