Google Pixel Holidays

Project: Google Pixel Holidays
Technology: digital application
Client: Google
Agency: UNIT9

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When it comes to the holidays, it’s all about the perfect gift. But the ultimate present, a Google Pixel 2, is not necessarily something most shoppers splurge on for their family or friends—it’s actually something people will buy for themselves.

Visitors were invited to put on their favorite Jason Woodside patterned outfit and stand for a photo in front of an even larger patterned backdrop. They could choose to share their image with a friend or—if they decided to treat themselves— turn their image into  a roll of custom wrapping paper. Everyone who made a purchase during the event received two rolls of paper, and if they bought a Pixel 2, they got four.

We built the mobile app that made the holiday magic happen and executed the on-demand wrapping paper printing. Even with a development timeline of less than two weeks, we delivered on scope and on time. The event was wildly successful—shoppers lucky enough to attend walked away with a gift they would never forget.